Member Highlight- Renita Alexander

August 18, 2021

Our members are the lifeblood of our space. We're serious about community, and even more serious about connection! We want our space filled with professionals and entrepreneurs that want to connect and support others along the same work journeys they themselves are on. 

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Make sure you consider these Important items when choosing a private office space to rent

July 2, 2021

Not all private office rentals are made equal. Nor should they be. Every business and team have different needs and values which will influence the final decision. 

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4 Reasons Why You Might Want To Consider Returning To In-Person Team Meetings

May 27, 2021

In this soon-to-be post-COVID era, teams are discussing, sometimes in hushed tones, whether or not they should get together for real, in-person meetings. As the vaccination rates rise and the COVID case numbers go down, this is becoming more and more of a possibility.

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4 Benefits of Having a Professional Virtual Mailing Address

April 8, 2021

If you have a home-based business or service company that doesn't require a brick-and-mortar location, you may be wondering if you should get a professional business address instead of using your home address.

We know plenty of business owners that operate out of their homes, especially now! COVID-19 has sent people home for work and most work-related meetings are taking place over the phone or Zoom. It may feel natural to just your home address. It's not like anyone will show up there in person for a meeting, right??

However, you may want to consider the reality that anyone with your address can search on the internet to find out what your house looks like, how much you bought it for, and other details you may be uncomfortable with the general public knowing. 

While having a PO Box may be another answer for you, we think you should consider having a professional physical address for a few reasons. 

What is a virtual mailing address?

A virtual mailing address is simply an address to designate as your "office," even if you don't work out that of space. The space offering the service is a legitimate business that is registered with the Post Office as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA). They are legally allowed to let other businesses use their address (usually with a unit or box number) as that's business's mailing address. For instance, Mox.E is a CMRA and processes all the mail for local businesses who want to take advantage of their professional location. 

What are the benefits of having a professional mailing address?

1. It makes your business look good

Having professional image is key to maintaining trust and credibility with your customers and network. If people are even vaguely familiar with the city you are located in, they will know the difference between certain streets and parts of town. The more prestigious your mailing address (near a financial district or a recognizable street), the better your brand image. This will, in affect, make your business look good! 

This is why we chose the South Loop in Chicago as our co-working location. It's near downtown and is in both an affluent neighborhood but also close to McCormick Center, a "center" for commercial activity and commerce. 

We have a great address on Michigan Avenue (who hasn't heard of Michigan Avenue??) and we want to share the impact of that address with other small businesses. 

2. Your virtual mailbox can be utilized in a multitude of ways

Your address will be tied to a real, physical commercial entity, not a PO Box inside a Post Office. You can also receive all types of mail (like FedEx, packages, etc...) instead of just being limited to the USPS mail. 

You can also use this address for filing your corporation, LLC, tax return, or other legal processes. 

Additionally, if you move away from your house, it doesn't change your business address. You can always keep the same address and not worry about having to forward mail each time you relocate. 

3. You can utilize a professional document management platform for your mail

Many virtual mailbox providers will include access to a virtual platform so you can see what mail is coming in. This is a huge benefit because it means someone else is processing your mail and all you have to do is decide what to do with it. 

On Mox.E's platform, every single mail item is uploaded to our customers' portal and the customer decides how they want it processed: throw out the junk mail, hold mail for pick up, open and scan, forward to another address, or sent special instructions. A platform like this not only gives you a mailing address, but also saves you time and money by taking mail processing off your hands. 

Did you know that often these platforms also provide Live Receptionist and Phone Answering services? If necessary, you can expand from just using the virtual mail service to a full virtual office!

4. You have access to a professional office environment for meetings

Sometimes you will need to get off Zoom and meet in person with your team or clients. Since your address is tied to a professional work environment, it makes it a natural place to request clients to meet with you instead of a noisy coffee shop. 

At Mox.E, we have several enterprise-level conference rooms to utilize, plus we have the benefit a craft coffee shop right below us. It's a win win for everybody!

And not only will you get the benefit of having access to meeting space, but in a co-working environment you will get to participate in networking events and opportunities for you to connect with other professionals. 

Is a virtual mailing address for you?

You need to decide for yourself.

  • Do you need to maintain the safety and privacy of your home address?
  • Do you want to increase your brand image?
  • Do you need an easier way to process your mail?
  • Do you need access to a meeting space?
  • Do you want the opportunity to grow your network via networking events?

Consider these questions and decide if a professional virtual mailing address is the right thing for you.

If you are, and are interested in having an address in the South Loop of Chicago, we'd love to be the service for you! You can read more about our service and pricing here. 

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Overflow Coffee now open! Join us for our grand opening celebrations.

February 18, 2021

We're pretty excited that Overflow Coffee is finally going to be open for full-time business starting this Friday, February 19th! Overflow is a long-time resident of the South Loop and judging from the response to their soft openings (and only announced on Instagram), the community is ready to welcome them back! They, along with Mox.E, have been closed from operations since April 2019. Since then we all have been working on getting this new building up and running. The renovations are done, their new website is live, and now it's time for some coffee and celebration!

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Many thanks to our founders for a successful Capital Matchmaker event!

January 28, 2021
On January 21st we hosted our bi-annual event that identifies high-growth businesses founded by Black, LatinX and Women entrepreneurs. This event was particularly exciting because we ran the virtual production from inside our new coworking, private office and event space. For us, this was a dream come true!
Before the pitch contest we were able to share a bit of history about how we got to where we are today. If you weren't there, you definitely need to check out this video! It highlights the historic and ongoing need in Chicago for diverse investments and how we've grown to be in a space where we can be the bridge for those investments.
After a thorough application process, we identified 3 founders to participate in our Capital Matchmaker program. For weeks we've been meeting with them and working on their business models, pitch decks, presentations, and strategies for development and growth. Each of these organizations worked hard to be here and deliver fantastic presentations.
The 3 founders that pitched are JSleeve , Cyber PopUp , and ConnectCareHero. All are in the early stages of business but have launched and are revenue-positive.
After a long session of deliberation by the judges, 1st prize was awarded to Cyber PopUp led by Christine Izuakor. 2nd place was awarded to JSleeve led by Jeremy Henderson, and 3rd place was ConnectCareHero led by Osvaldo Montelongo. To be clear, it was very close competition between them all!

While the prize money was one perk of our program, the follow up activities include opportunities to connect with and meet investors via Mox.E's network.
We look forward to watching each of these founders and their companies thrive! Hopefully soon the investments made in their companies will slowly turn the tide and increase the percentage of investment dollars the go to Black, LatinX and Women founders in Chicago.
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Work From Home And An Enterprise Level Workplace!

January 27, 2021
We're all tired of working from home, aren't we?
Even for those of us who previously worked from home frequently we still had client meetings, coffee meet-ups, networking socials, and access to professional spaces to check into once in a while.
Wouldn't it be great to be able to work from home most of the time with the added benefit of working out of a professional workplace several times a month just to refocus and have some human connection from a distance?
Well, have we got good news for you! It IS possible!
We've heard the local feedback from South Loopers who have been pressed into only working from home due to circumstances and need a nearby outlet to work a few times a month.
When you come to Mox.E at 1449 S. Michigan you get these benefits:
  • Access to an open coworking office space several times a month nearby that's clean and safe
  • Ability to utilize our private phone booths and conference rooms
  • Access to our podcast booth
  • Supported by enterprise-level amenities (like fiber optic internet, cutting-edge video conferencing technology, touch-less smart access to building, and a world-class security system)
  • Access to our member-only workshops, networking, and business development programming
  • Unlimited craft coffee (did we fail to mention Overflow Coffee is on the 1st floor??)
If you're in that Work From Home crowd, this may be the right solution for you.
And check us soon because our Grand Opening special will not last long. Schedule your tour today !

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1449's history, Record Row, and the continuation of black-owned business

January 27, 2021
When we were searching for a new space to operate out of, we had no idea what kind of building we would land on.
And this one is a true gold mine.
Prior to the 50's, black musicians and singers were not allowed to be seen or visible in any way in America's music scene. Their music was popular, but credit was stripped away.
So an entrepreneurial couple took things into their own hands. Vivian Carter and Jimmy Bracken took over 1449 S. Michigan and started a black-owned record label. VeeJay Records was born.

Prior to VeeJay, Vivian was a popular disc jockey and Jimmy had a record store in Gary, Indiana. They borrowed $500 from a pawnbroker to launch their label in 1953 with the Spaniels and Jimmy Reed. Vivian Carter and Jimmy Bracken were the “Vee” and “Jay” in Vee-Jay Records.
At one time they were the largest black-owned record company in the world. The strip were they were located on South Michigan quickly turned into the historic Record Row where many other famous black-owned labels were also located.
VeeJay is renowned for its catalog of blues classics by Jimmy Reed, John Lee Hooker, Billy Boy Arnold, and many more, as well as doo-wop, soul, gospel and jazz gems, and pop hits by the Four Seasons and the Beatles. Vivian’s brother Calvin Carter produced many of the label’s hits.

Famously, they were actually the first label to sign on the Beatles when they came to the US after Capital Records passed up on the opportunity.

If you want to hear the fascinating history of VeeJays and Record Row, this documentary is well-worth your time. Cradle of Rhythm and Blues tells of the the birth and emergence of the soul music industry in the late 1950s along the 12-block stretch of Chicago's South Michigan Avenue known as "Record Row."

The fact that our building holds such rich history of black and women ownership makes it an excellent fit with Mox.E and our mission: building a strong business-focused community that supports ethnic diversity and fosters the spirit of entrepreneurial collaboration for success.
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Our Coffee's No Joke

January 27, 2021
A unique feature of our coworking space will be the fact that Overflow Coffee, a craft coffee shop, will be located just below us on the 1st level of our building.
An even MORE unique feature is that both Overflow and Mox.E are owned by the same company, Entrenuity. So the leadership team for both spaces are working, learning and training together to make the building as a whole vibrant and inviting.
We are all here for one purpose: to further the success of minority owned and led businesses.
About Overflow and our Coffee Director

Overflow Coffee is led by Entrenuity’s Director of Coffee Kari Pendleton. Kari has over 11 years experience in coffee spanning from Scotland to Chicago. Hospitality has always been Kari’s passion and serving in the coffee industry is such a natural expression for this self-proclaimed coffee nerd!
With hospitality being at Kari’s core, her hope and drive is that Overflow would exist to make space for those in our community to connect to each other and provide a place for that community to prosper. We love coffee and the people that it originated with; black, beautiful passionate people.
Being a black-owned shop in the South Loop of Chicago, we want to be a place that highlights our heritage and honors the craft of coffee. Overflow is a specialty, craft coffee shop that is set to re-open very soon!
Overflow Coffee is a space to prosper- to foster hope, creativity & community. It's a space where belonging is felt from the first greeting to the last sip.
Plan to come by-- you don't want to miss out!
Visit for more information and to hear when they officially re-open.
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