Member Highlight- Renita Alexander

Our members are the lifeblood of our space. We're serious about community, and even more serious about connection! We want our space filled with professionals and entrepreneurs that want to connect and support others along the same work journeys they themselves are on. 

This is why we want to showcase some of our members so you can get an idea of who is at Mox.E to determine if our community is the right fit for you!

Right now we want to showcase one of our ambassadors and power members! Meet Col Renita D. Alexander, USAF (retired). 


Renita is passionate about leadership!  She started her company, Leadership Unlocked, after retiring from the U.S. Air Force and discovering a missing element… leadership… in many of the businesses she encountered. She has turned her passion into a thriving business and herself into The Leadership Locksmith. Alexander's goal in life is to inspire aspiring and ambitious leaders to lead authentically by removing the internal barriers preventing them from accessing their unique leadership skills so they can show up confidently, earn the leadership positions they deserve and lead effectively.


"I've worked from home for a while but during the pandemic I realized how much I missed my casual community. Mox.E provides that and so much more! I always make meaningful connections when I'm there and the free workshops, amenities, access to larger spaces are extra benefits."

To learn more about Renita and her work, please visit this link to leadership coaching accelerator:

Also, purchase and read her published book "Just Breathe: Leading Myself One Breath At A Time."