Enterprise-level meeting spaces for Professionals 

Whether you are looking for a private meeting with a client or an annual board meeting, we have meeting rooms and event spaces that will not only meet your meetings-needs but also shine well on your company brand. 

Conference Rooms

Our 3 conference rooms are ideal for small to large meetings and packed with technology to make your meeting experience even better. Our feature conference room, the Soderquist Conference Room, features a large custom wood table and overlooks Michigan Avenue.

Right now we are offering a limited time offer: 1hour free of conference room time. Take advantage of this offer today!


Phone Booths

Need a quiet yet comfortable space to escape for a phone call or video conference meeting? Our phone booths are the perfect pick. 

Podcast booth

Outfitted with acoustical paneling to sound-proof the room, our podcast room can fit 1-2 people and includes access to a recording microphone to meet your every podcasting need.


Event Space

Mox.E is an ideal space for hosting gatherings between 10-90 people. It's loved by those organizing business trainings, workshops, educational sessions, fundraisers, virtual conferences, and weddings.

Video Photo Lab

Take advantage of our video and photo lab where you can utilize both our white and brick walls. Need professional equipment to rent? Just ask!


Conference Room Membership

Make Mox.E Your Company's Monthly Space

While many companies are working from home currently, often we need to get out of the house and have some in-person face-time for team or company meetings. Our conference rooms are the perfect space to gather in the South Loop. We have enterprise-level Internet and tech facilities paired with a specialty coffee shop on site. With conferencing technology available in all meeting rooms, your team can connect both in person and virtually. 

Contact us for more information on how your company can secure a monthly spot. 

Contact us

Interested in booking any of our spaces for your meetings or events? Contact us and let us know your needs and any questions you have. We'll be happy to give you an in-person or virtual tour and to give you a full list of options and amenities. 


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