Our Coffee's No Joke

A unique feature of our coworking space will be the fact that Overflow Coffee, a craft coffee shop, will be located just below us on the 1st level of our building.
An even MORE unique feature is that both Overflow and Mox.E are owned by the same company, Entrenuity. So the leadership team for both spaces are working, learning and training together to make the building as a whole vibrant and inviting.
We are all here for one purpose: to further the success of minority owned and led businesses.
About Overflow and our Coffee Director
Kari-Scotland Coffee Shop
Overflow Coffee is led by Entrenuity’s Director of Coffee Kari Pendleton. Kari has over 11 years experience in coffee spanning from Scotland to Chicago. Hospitality has always been Kari’s passion and serving in the coffee industry is such a natural expression for this self-proclaimed coffee nerd!
With hospitality being at Kari’s core, her hope and drive is that Overflow would exist to make space for those in our community to connect to each other and provide a place for that community to prosper. We love coffee and the people that it originated with; black, beautiful passionate people.
Being a black-owned shop in the South Loop of Chicago, we want to be a place that highlights our heritage and honors the craft of coffee. Overflow is a specialty, craft coffee shop that is set to re-open very soon!
Overflow Coffee is a space to prosper- to foster hope, creativity & community. It's a space where belonging is felt from the first greeting to the last sip.
Plan to come by-- you don't want to miss out!
Visit www.overflowchicago.com for more information and to hear when they officially re-open.