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What's up with "Mox.E?"

You may be wondering about our name-- why is "moxie" misspelled, and what's up with the separated "E" at the end?

To understand Mox.E you must looked at our past. Mox.E was birthed out of a 20-year history of Entrenuity, a non-profit working on the South and West sides of Chicago to create entrepreneurship opportunities for youth and adults. Typically that meant the team at Entrenuity would work inside of partner organizations and their locations like public schools, local community-development organizations, and churches.

Soon it became clear we needed to create our own home base, a place where founders and entrepreneurs can come to us and we can expand our mission to connect, coach, and capitalize.

Thus Mox.E was born. The word moxie means "force of character, determination, or nerve." That definitely defined our approach to life, our work, and our people! However, to point back to our roots with Entrenuity, we featured a capital "E" at the end of "Mox.E."

That way we'd never forget our roots. Mox.E will always exist to empower black, Latinx and women founders and give them a space to thrive.

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