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We're Relaunching Mox.E Events!

Mox.E has always been centered around two concepts: Educating and Connecting.

At our space, our focus will be giving members continual opportunities to learn and grow. We know that growing together will make our community stronger and thus more powerful and successful.

Teaching entrepreneurship is our heart. And over the years it has grown and expanded into workshops, seminars and classes to teach founders how to build a business plan, get their business launched, run it operationally, manage and understand finances, and all manner of topics related to operating and growing a small business from the ground up.

As a nonprofit that started other businesses to create sustainability to support our programming, we learned a lot of important lessons along the way. All businesses and organizations need to be keenly aware and intentional about how they are creating sustainability and profitability for the long term.

Nonprofits and social enterprises especially need to learn how to move away from a dependency model. We all know what it's like to constantly be giving power away due to the demands of funders and foundations. Somethings they don't have the same goals that we do and want to use their funding to push their goals onto us.

But that's not why we got into this work in the first place! It's time for a change.

Brian Jenkins, founder of Entrenuity and author of Know More Non Profits, will be teaching about his own experience of moving from dependency to self-sustainability. By the end of this workshop you will have practical guidance in making changes for your own organization.

He'll be covering the following points:

  • Why the non profit structure needs evolution away from a dependency model

  • The 70/30 principle of fundraising and a path to develop independency

  • Why sustainability works for attracting funders

This is one workshop you don't want to miss out on. We planned it during the lunch hour so you'll be able to grab some lunch and listen in on how Brian led our companies to a stable, sustainable place.

Join us on October 21st at 12:00pm. Register here:

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