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We're Ready to Schedule Tours!

It feels like forever. Like, seriously... It's been over a year and a half!

But we are FINALLY at the end. Construction in done. Final cleaning is on-going. Our brand-spanking new furniture is getting delivered. We're packing up our current office.

It's time.

Tours can commence!

We know, you've all been waiting with bated breath to get into this new space and see what has been going on at 1449 S. Michigan. Well, we can't wait to show you!

Overflow Coffee on the first floor is gearing up with new coffee equipment and a new commercial kitchen. Mox.E on the second floor is completing finishing touches with installation and training on our enterprise-level technology.

We are preparing for YOU, our local and loved community. If you want to secure a spot to get a first look at the new space, sign up for a tour today!

Officially, we are beginning tours January 11, 2021. We want to be a space for entrepreneurs and small business owners, but also want to meet the needs of so many who are working from home nearby and need access to a professional, safe office space once in a while.

We're here for you.

Schedule your tour today. And if you're not comfortable with coming into the space just yet? No problem-- we conduct virtual tours as well.

See you soon!

Questions? Email us at

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1449 S. Michigan
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