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We're in the Final Stretch!

We've been working on this new building for a LONG TIME! At least, it feels like forever.

In April of 2019 we had to close operations due to expansion at our previous location. Both Mox.E Coworking and Overflow Coffee (owned by Entrenuity) worked out of 1550 S. State Street where Daystar Academy is located. As their school was expanding, we lost our operating space and began the hunt to find a new location.

We had no idea we would discover such an amazing gem! Just 2 blocks over at 1449 S. Michigan we discovered an 8000 square foot building with 2 floors and PACKED with history. It made sense-- coffee cafe on the first floor and coworking and private offices on the second floor. The history of the building made it also feel like this relationship was simply meant to be. VeeJay Records, at one time the largest black-owned record label in the world, worked out of this building and made history in more than one way. You should read more about their history here. It's quite fascinating.

So we found the building we wanted to buy and then we started a capital campaign. By December of 2019 we were able to purchase the building! After some major construction hiccups and delays, we were finally able to move forward and get to where we are today.

It's looking more and more like a coworking space every day. We're itching to give people tours! If you're interested in getting a private tour once we can have guests in the building, email us and we'll set it up:



1449 S. Michigan
Chicago, IL 60605

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