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The Move-In Festivities Have Begun!

What better gift to receive this Christmas than getting all our furniture delivered!

This past week has been a flurry of activity. Last minute lights being installed, final inspections happening, and, most excitedly, our furniture arriving.

We had one whole day of unloading a truck we had in storage with items from our previous location. It brought back sweet memories of our original Overflow and very small coworking and conference room area at Mox.E.

The following day we got our new furniture -- and it all looks stunning! Conference room chairs, steel-cased coworking chairs, phone booth sofas, private office desks, nesting tables, and other beautiful furniture to make our space comfortable yet commercial-quality.

As we are entering this final stage we are also putting up the final special touches. An important part of our building is the history. We are honored to be in the space of the former VeeJay Records, so we installed a large photo of them VeeJay management team on the wall in Overflow. It's striking!

One day soon we'll have live music events and hear tunes that originated in this building. How cool is that?!

Are you as excited to see our space as we are?? Tours are now available so book yours today at

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