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It all started with an idea

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

It was October 2017. Another year was about to wind down for the 17 year old Entrenuity, plugging away with continual work and fresh ideas for educating and supporting black, Latinx and women entrepreneurs. After purchasing Overflow Coffee, which was located in their current building, it seemed that momentum was building and growth seemed inevitable.

But the hammer was able to fall.

The news came that the building Entrenuity and Overflow occupied would be kicking them out as plans for expansion were announced. As so as it happens with obstacles, they came suddenly and without notice. It was a severe blow.

All focus turned now to simply existence-- where would we go? Can we afford a move? What are the options? How much time do we have?

The future looked bleak.

As those with gray hairs and years of wisdom can attest to, often the biggest challenges in life provide the greatest opportunities.

And it was at the rock bottom that we found the future.

It was an idea.

An idea of ownership. Black ownership. Black ownership in an area where there hasn't been black ownership in the past 20 years.

An idea of one building that housed both a craft coffee shop and a coworking space. A place where people connect and where entrepreneurs can flourish.

It makes sense, of course. After years of going all over Chicagoland to teach, support and connect minority and women owned businesses, why not have our own space where we can further our mission and make a dent in the industry?

And so here we are, just a few months away from launch, and Mox.E is about to take great strides. From it's humble beginnings as a 10-desk conference room coworking space next to the offices of Entrenuity, Mox.E is about to launch an enterprise-level coworking and private office space with high-tech conference rooms and enterprise-level amenities.

Can you wait for this?

Well, we sure can't!

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