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Design Renderings Ready! Preview Our Space Now.

Embarking on a build-out journey is not for the faint at heart! We've been through highs and lows to get to where we are, but this experience has taught us how valuable it is to see something come to life from your own dreams and ambitions.

We knew when we bought 1449 S. Michigan that this would be a special space. So we wanted a special design team to be involved.

Through a relationship at our current office space, we connected with Sara, and interior designer at Gensler. We liked the work they were doing in that building, yet even more than that we knew they had a strong reputation that we could trust.

Throughout this process we've learned 2 key lessons when it comes to doing a build-out:

  1. You need honest people.

  2. You need real professionals.

You can't choose one-- you must choose both! If we didn't have access to the high-caliber professionals who are now working on this project, we would be "up a creek without a paddle," as my Grandpa says.

We now have 3D renderings created by Gensler to showcase the future look and feel of our space, both for Overflow Coffee and Mox.E Coworking.

Here's our first floor:

When you walk in off Michigan Avenue and enter into the door on your left, you will find yourself in a beautiful craft coffee shop, Overflow Coffee. Because of the rich history of our building, we wanted to have some vintage elements and throwbacks to blues, rock, and jazz artists of the 50's when this building was owned by Vee-Jay Records.

As you continue walking to the back part of the cafe, there is a wall of seating that we will be able to move aside to set up for our Overflow After Dark concert series where we will feature local artists and musicians.

Overflow is coming back to the South Loop and it will continue to be a space to prosper for everyone.

The back half of the 1st floor will be the location of 6 Mox.E private offices, as well as an elevator to access the 2nd floor.

Now let's look at the 2nd floor:

When you come up the front stairs you will find yourself in the center of our open coworking area. Inside of this space there will be easy access to the private phone booths, podcast room, dining table, beverage and snack bar, and print and mail room. Walking towards Michigan Avenue is our feature room of the space, the Soderquist Conference Room. This grand, resplendent room is the center of attention at Mox.E. With floor to ceiling glass on both the interior and exterior walls, this will be one conference room you'll want to sit and bask in during your team or client meetings.

As you walk to the back half of the 2nd floor, you'll enter into the private office area. This wing will also hold 2 more smaller conference rooms as well as a small kitchen. The last important room we want to point out is the Mother's Room. Female entrepreneurs and small business owners have babies -- this is a fact of life! So we want to give our members a private, comfortable area to pump and store milk. It's just another benefit of working with a coworking space that understands the needs of women founders.

Well, that's it folks! This is just a taste of what is to come. Would you like to book a tour once we are open for public viewing? Reserve your spot today for access prior to our grand opening event on December 2nd. It'll be first come first serve!

Email to secure a time.

We can't wait to see you!

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