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Buy One Month Get One Free-- Black Friday Special!

Commitment is rough these days.

We get it. We're opening a brand new coworking space in December (let us know if you want a tour!) but we totally understand not everyone is ready to take the dive, even if they really want to work out of our space RIGHT NOW.

So we made an offer with you in mind. Right now, you can sign up to receive our Black Friday special: Buy One Month Get One Free!

Simply go to our Black Friday specials page and submit your email.

That's it!

And you'll receive our discount coupon in your mailbox immediately.

"What do I get with the discount?" you may ask.

Simply, if you at some point sign up for an open coworking membership anytime before May 31, 2021, you will get your second month free.

But... this coupon is only available if you submit your email and receive the confirmation email and discount between November 26 and November 30. When you eventually redeem the coupon and sign up as a member, you need to show the email and your email address needs to match.

Questions? Just email us:

And sign up HERE to get that coupon!

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