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Announcing our next Capital Matchmaker event

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Mox.E exists to create opportunities and build bridges for black, latinx and women founders so that they have access to everything they need to grow their business.

And most importantly, we want to give to capital. Minority-owned businesses need funding.

In Chicago alone there are only 9 black-owned businesses who have raised more than $1 million in venture capital.

NINE! That's it.

We want to change that. We know there are talented and smart minority founders who, given the opportunity, could scale their business to new heights.

And so, we are happy to announce our second Capital Matchmaker event, a chance for black, latinx and women founders to connect with investors and get funded.

There are 3 components to this event and program.

  1. First, we will accept 3-5 founders into our 6 week cohort called Plan to Scale which will provides feedback on your financials, forecasts decks and presentations, and ending in the capstone Capital Matchmaker event on December 2nd.

  2. Second, the invitation-only Capital Matchmaker will give special guests the chance to participate in the dedication of our new coworking space, and culminating in a pitch event for the cohort members. Our investor panel will decide who wins cash prizes that night!

  3. Third, we will organize and host virtual meet-up rooms the following week to introduce cohort participants to vetted and accredited investors that are specifically interested in their business.

We are excited about this event and would love to see our community involved as much as possible.

Can you help us make this event successful?

  1. Recommend founders looking for investments to apply for our program.

  2. Are you an investor or know of an investor that wants to invest in minority and women owned businesses? Tell us about them and we'll connect.

  3. Do want to help make Mox.E and our building launch successful? Donate to our building and launch project. Any gift you give will directly impact minority and women founders we work with.

We can't wait to launch and dedicate our new building by featuring our capstone event. If you want to get an invite to join virtually, please fill out the form online.

Our goal is to facilitate relationships that result in real investments. Come join us!

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