Mox.E Venture Partners (MVP) grows from the network of operational, financial and human capital we've built over 20 years, and exists to facilitate success for founders and investors in Chicagoland/Midwest and nationwide. MVP is squarely focused on "good growth" where returns drive decisions alongside impact. Our unique position has exposed us to unique opportunities along the complete growth-spectrum, but we especially love SMB or Mid-Market capable opportunities with the possibility to change lives and communities.


Because of that we're primarily looking to invest in:

  • Black/Brown/Women-run Businesses;
  • With UPSIDE growth-potential;
  • Established in GROWING industry categories;
  • That are capable of creating JOBS and REVENUE.


We also know we can't accomplish everything alone. MVP is committed to expanding opportunity throughout the value-chain and we want to partner with others who share the vision of a SUPPORTIVE ECOSYSTEM. We aim to TURN INTENTION INTO OPPORTUNITY, and fill the gap between grant- funding and venture capital.

WHat We're building

With our focus and capabilities in sharp focus we're building the MVP ANGEL NETWORK because:

  • Our 20-year organizational-history has a long and successful record of interested and engaged Angels already;
  • Our deep community roots facilitates differentiated and plentiful deal-flow; and
  • We are a non-profit, so membership has impact at multiple levels while still giving access to differentiated deal-flow. 

WHat's next

The MVP Angel Network is Step 1, but Chicago/Midwest founders need various funding channels in order to be successful.  That is why we are building internal and Partner capacity for:

  • Venture Capital funding;
  • Revenue-Based Financing;
  • Equity Crowdfunding; 
  • And other funding channels that black/brown/women founders have not traditionally been able to access.


  • FOUNDERS interested in gaining access to a larger group of potential funders

  • ANGELS interested in diverse and expansive investment opportunities

  • VENTURE FUNDS and ANGEL NETWORKS interested in differentiated deal-flow

  • Industry and Corporate SPONSORS wanting access to an expanded hiring pool

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